Asymmetric Marketing

Advanced Digital Marketing Consulting Matrix

✦ 1 market analysis
Market and competition analysis. Development of objectives and goals. Short and long term strategic planning. Extraction of “best practices”. Knowledge of the customer's value proposition, mission and vision.
✦ 2 Strategy Evaluation
Analysis of customer and competitor strategies, channels, tools, customer journeys. Weight assessment in relation to the sector and structure of the matrix for analysis. Identifying opportunities.
✦ 3 Revenue Operations
We unify Sales and Marketing to achieve the objectives set. Our focus is on the client's business success. Use of automation technologies and tools. Advanced data management and analysis. Monitoring of results.
✦ Execution and monitoring
Monitoring through performance and continuous analytics to achieve strategic objectives or adapt the strategy.
✦ Definition of the matrix and USE OF AI
Identification of the strategic key points of each project according to their nature. Active use of AI for complex analyses.
✦ Budget distribution
Averaged budget to achieve the desired strategic position: occupying positions of opportunity and relocating investments lacking ROI.
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