Blue Journeys
strategic inspiration under the blue skies of Spain:
Work, cohesion, connection and perspective.


The “Blue Journeys” represent an initiative focused on mental clarity and inspiration, taking advantage of the blue skies of Spain as a backdrop.

These days are specifically designed for marketing and/or management teams, offering a different and creative environment for carrying out strategic focus activities.


During mornings, the main focus stays on the analysis of results and the exploration of new strategies, ideas, solutions...

They will be carried out by workshops of teams, seminars with special guests and analysis provided by our consultants. All oriented to strengthening cohesion and effectiveness and alignment with the main objectives.


In the afternoons, reinforcement activities will be incorporated from human resources, such as sports or cultural events.

These activities are designed to strengthen ties within the team, ensuring that 'Blue Journeys' are not only a strategic business experience, but also a source of lasting motivation and team building.


The ultimate purpose of these sessions is to turn them into the cornerstone that will drive the execution of the goals for the next year.

By combining strategic analysis with team-building activities, the aim is to create an environment conducive to long-term growth and success.

✦ Duration and accommodation
We recommend a duration of 3 to 5 days. We have hosting partners and collaborating companies that will facilitate logistics.
We want the trip to be part of the experience and not a mere transit.
✦ Structure of the Workshops and Seminars
It has been determined that mornings are the setting for both individual work and sessions. A schedule of sessions and workshops adapted to each situation will be developed with management.
✦ Human Resources and Workshops
We have partner companies that contribute in different ways to self-knowledge and personal and team improvement.

We work hand in hand with your human resources department to plan team building and coaching workshops.
✦ You will repeat
Based on our value proposition: the human being is at the center of every strategy, this event will provide the necessary energy for your teams to perform all year round and serve as a point of reference and impetus. Blue Journeys allow you to pause, get out of your daily routine and dream. Specify objectives and measure successes for the coming year.
✦ Localization
Under consultation and open to proposals, we offer the best places in Spain where you can carry out these days of work and cohesion. Enviable locations with spectacular weather. The main advantage is called Spain.
✦ Leisure proposal
The locations chosen by our planners include a wide range of leisure and sports activities where, after a hard day's work, managers and team members can enjoy themselves and recover their energy for the next day.

“Sometimes you need to change your perspective to see the light.” - Dan Brown

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